Mazzola Reappointed to Treasure Island Board

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has reappointed Local 38 Business Manager Larry Mazzola Jr., to the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA); it was announced last month.

Mazzola was sworn in, along with numerous other Community board and commission appointments, at City Hall on July 31.

Mazzola was first appointed to TIDA in 2010 by then Mayor Gavin Newsom. He currently serves as the Vice President of the seven member board.

  • The development of Treasure Island has been underway since 2011, and is scheduled be completed in 2028. The project includes:

  • Up to 8,000 Homes

  • Up to 140,000 square feet New Commercial and Retail Space

  • Up to 100,000 square feet New Office Space

  • Three Hotels with up to 500 Hotel Rooms

  • Up to 300 acres of Parks and Public Open Space, including Waterfront Parks, Waterfront Plaza, Marina Plaza, Sports and Recreation Park, Urban Agriculture Park,

  • Neighborhood Parks, Trails and Overlooks, Cultural Park

  • A New Joint Police/Fire Station

  • Funding for Upgraded School Facilities, Sailing Center, Gym, Community Center, Childcare Facility, Environmental Education Center, Museum, Life Learning Academy

  • A Town Center with Ferry Terminal, Retail District, Plaza, and 400-slip Marina

  • New and Upgraded Streets with Bicycle, Transit, and Pedestrian Facilities

"I want to thank Mayor Lee for naming me to a new term on TIDA," said Mazzola following his swearing in at City Hall. "I believe that Treasure Island will be one of the premiere neighborhoods in all of San Francisco once it is completed. It will service as an important residential and commercial center, as well as a unique attraction in the middle of a city known for its unique attractions.

"And with my reappointment Mayor Lee has recognized the important role the city’s Building Trade unions play in the building of San Francisco. This project means hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs, and it is great to know the city’s Building Trades unions will play a major

role," Mazzola continued.

The Treasure Island Development Authority Board of Directors makes policy decisions critical to the future of Treasure Island, approves large contracts, approves TIDA’s annual budget, and acts as both the redevelopment agency and the trustee of the Tideland Trust for Treasure Island. All seven members are appointed by the Mayor of San Francisco, with certain appointments approved by the City’s Board of Supervisors.

 Members of various Building Trades unions from throughout San Francisco (far left) were on hand for the swearing in, as was TIDA President Linda Fadeke Richardson (middle) and San Francisco Police Chief Greg Shur (right)

Another Successful Local 38 Charity Tournament

More than 140 golfers gathered at the Chardonnay Golf Course in American Canyon last month for the 25th Annual UA Local 38 Charity Golf Tournament. The event raised $20,000 for Star Community House, this year’s chosen charity.

"This tournament is a really great event," said Business Manager Larry Mazzola Jr. "What started as a day on the links has become Local 38’s biggest annual charity fund raiser. Over the years we have raised more than $500,000 for a wide variety of charities.

"I want to thank everyone who took part in the tournament, either as a player, a hole sponsor or a donor," he continued. "I am always impressed by the concern and generosity of the people in the labor movement. Not only was this really a fun day playing golf, but we were able to raise money for an important charity as well."

The Local 38 Tournament began at Harding Park in San Francisco on Father’s Day, and was initially just a chance for fathers and sons to bond over a day on the links. But it didn’t take long for the tournament to become an opportunity to raise funds for needy charities throughout the bay area.

In its 25 year history the tournament has raised funds for numerous charities, including the restoration of Mission Dolores, fights against breast cancer, SIDS and prostate cancer, and the refurbishing of the Riordan High School Gymnasium.

This year’s recipient is Star Community Home, a facility designed to provide emergency shelter and social services for homeless single mothers and their families.
The program provides intensive case management services in a supervised and safe setting, empowering mothers to find and maintain stable housing.

"California Attorney General Kamala Harris brought Star Community Home to our attention," said Mazzola Jr., "and I am delighted that she did. This is a very important cause and I’m glad we could make a contribution."

Tournament funds are raised through a number of different methods; players entrance fees, hole sponsorships, charitable donations, and a raffle, which is held following the dinner. The raffle featured numerous prizes including golf clubs, bags, gift certificates, electronics, and a grand prize of a 42-inch flat screen television, won this year by Local 38 member Jeff Kangas.

"I want to thank everyone who was involved in organizing this tournament," said Mazzola Jr. "In particular I want to thank the members of the Local 38 Golf Committee, Pete Machi, Tina Cruz, Adrianne Machi, and all the full time Local 38 officers who put a lot of time and effort into making the tournament a success. I also want to thank the staff of the Chardonnay Golf Club for all their support.

"I believe this was one of the best tournaments we’ve ever had," he concluded. "And that was thanks to the hard work of everyone involved."

More than 140 Local 38 members and friends turned out at the Annual Local 38 Charity Golf Tournament in June. The event raised $20,000 for Star Community Home, a homeless shelter for single mothers. Pictured below are golfers participating in the putting tournament, and Local 38 Business Manager Larry Mazzola Jr., with raffle grand prize winner Jeff Kangas (center), and representatives of Star Community Home (right).

Memo to Members

by Larry Mazzola Jr.

I want to begin by saying that I am incredibly proud of what Local 38 has accomplished for our members. Since its creation almost 70 years ago, we have managed to set a remarkable standard for wages, benefits and working conditions that continues to lead the building trades. We have negotiated contracts that have led both our contractors and our members to flourish.

But as much as I value that accomplishment, I also realize that negotiating our contracts is not enough. It’s not enough because we are not alone as union members, as building trades workers, or as members of our larger community. We cannot build the life we all value through Local 38 contracts alone. Working men and women, the families that have made up the American middle class are in trouble. We are only too familiar with the widening gap between rich and poor. We understand the growing political and social power of corporations, right wing and anti-union forces. The labor movement is built on the idea that we must band together to survive, that we all depend on one another, that, as has been said for years,
"an injury to one is an injury to all."

Vital politics

That is why I am so grateful to San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee for reappointing me to the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA), among the other labor appointments he continues to make to the City’s many boards and commissions. Make no mistake, an appointment like this is incredibly valuable to our membership. Over the past four years, for example, we have fought for, and won, important prevailing wage provisions covering the redevelopment projects on Treasure Island provisions that will protect all construction workers. We also successfully negotiated a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) covering all future work on the island.

But the importance of labor’s voice in building and shaping the future of our city goes far beyond Local 38. Having a building trades voice, a union voice, on TIDA, or on any other city board or commission, means that the needs of working men and women will play a role in shaping our city. Unions are often portrayed as special interests, but that’s just not true. We are the people who live here, work here, shop here. Our children go to school here. We ride Muni and Bart, use local hospitals, eat in local short, we are a vital part of the Bay Area community. Our voice is the voice of people in that community, and it is important that it is heard when considering our future.

So I want to thank Mayor Lee for reappointing me to TIDA, and for all his other labor appointments as well. We helped build this city, and need to be considered when deciding its future.

community asset

If you doubt the importance of Local 38, and the labor movement as a whole, to the community just ask the homeless single mothers at Star Community Home.

Families will be safely housed and fed, futures will be built, because 140 Local 38 members and friends, along with sponsors and donors, raised $20,000 through our annual charity golf tournament.

I’m incredibly impressed with the generosity of the labor community and the incredible support they give to this tournament each year. Over the years we have been able to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to various local charities because of that generosity.

I want to thank everyone for contributing, whether as a player, a hole sponsor or a donor. I also want to thank the Golf Committee, led by Trust Fund Administrator Pete Machi, for their hard work. The is a perfect example of how labor plays a special role in our community, one we can point to with pride.

I also want to acknowledge California Attorney General Kamala Harris for her role in connecting Local 38 with Star Community Home. This is a great program and I am glad that we could contribute.

Camp Konocti

Now on to my personal favorite benefit of Local 38, Camp Konocti. I spent my favorite summers at Camp Konocti. I developed friendships and made memories that carry me through every day of my life.

So I’m particularly proud when we can continue to improve the camp facilities and program, like we were able this off-season. A new amphitheater (complete with fire pits, log benches, a full sound system, lighting, and Karaoke machine), volleyball courts, a new gangway for the docks, a water treatment plant, and lots of other upgrades, greeted campers when they arrived this year.

Thanks to Greg Bennett for overseeing the off-season projects, and to Camp Director Bill Olinger for his hard work. This is an outstanding facility, that just keeps getting better.

journeyman classes

I know you’ve heard it before, but I want to remind you to take a look at the supplementary journeyman classes offered in both San Francisco and Santa Rosa. The Local 38 Training Department does an outstanding job of offering classes that carefully address the specific needs of our members in the field.

When I sit in negotiations with our signatory contractors, I am well aware of what we have to sell. We sell skilled labor. In fact, we sell the most skilled and knowledgable workers in the pipe trades. But to do that we need to make sure our workers are trained and knowledgable about the most up-to-date, state-of -the-art equipment and techniques. Our supplemental journeyman classes do just that. Make sure you take advantage of this vital resource.