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Historical photo of San Francisco plumbers

Above: Photo of San Francisco plumbers taken in the years after the earthquake of 1906.

Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 38 was formed when four prominent locals of the United Association merged in April 1947.

From first days of the United Association in San Francisco starting in 1913, through the formation of Local 38 fifty years ago, to the present day when Local 38 also represents the industry in four other North Bay counties, UA members have struggled and sacrificed to better the lot of working men and women everywhere.

Our members have been part of the proud history of the labor movement in San Francisco.

One such famous moment in that history was the San Francisco General Strike of 1934, which began as a protest of the police's gunning down of two strikers.

The San Francisco General Strike helped turn years of exploitation and struggle for workers, into years of improving conditions and better wages.

During World War II, our members contributed mightily to the defense of the United States, especially in the shipbuilding industry.

During boom times, our members have contributed to economic growth and advances in the standard of living. In hard times, they've helped to rebuild.

Many of the "rights" all workers have come to expect, such as compensation for overtime, sick leave, safety regulations, retirement benefits and more, are due to the sacrifice of Union members.

Local 38 looks forward to the next 50 years, as the United Association moves forward into the 21st Century -- building a better future on the foundation of the victories of the past.

Historical text contributed by Rob Weinstein of UA Local 38.