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A Proud Local 38 Tradition

Former Local 38 Business Manager Joe Mazzola was always determined that the sons and daughters of Local 38 members would have the same opportunities for advancement and recreation as “the children of the bosses.” That’s why in 1962, he established Camp Konocti.

    At the time Camp Konocti was unheard of, and still remains unique among labor unions throughout the country. “Uncle Joe”, as Mazzola became known to campers, had a simple approach--the point of a labor union was to improve the life of its members and their families.

    This meant much more than just wages and working conditions. It meant the chance for families to have low cost vacations, for kids to have a summer camp, scholarships for college age children, and many other previously unheard of benefits for Local 38 families.

    Today, Camp Konocti, located on a stunning 10-acres of lake front property on Clear Lake in Lake County, continues to be a first rate summer camp, providing a wide range of outdoor recreation for Local 38 children and grandchildren, as well as the children of other UA members.
The camp program includes a multi-sport court for basketball, tennis, volleyball, tether ball, and other sports; a swimming pool, a sailing, boating and water skiing program on Clear Lake, Arts and Crafts and a host of other activities.


    “Camp Konocti is one of Local 38’s proudest achievements,” said Local 38 Business Manager Larry Mazzola, Jr. in announcing the upcoming season. “Camp Konocti has a always been a first rate facility and the improvements we’ve managed to make over the past few years, such as a new dock, upgrading the recreation center, rebuilding the kitchen and bathrooms, painting the entire camp and adding the sports court. The camp just keeps getting better. It is one of our most exciting benefits and the sons and daughters of Local 38’s members can’t seem to get enough of it. It’s a great benefit for our families and kids.”

     Camp Director Steve Hays will be entering his fifth year at the helm, after 15 years working as a counselor, including four years as Assistant Director of the facility.


    Throughout the camp’s history, thousands of Local 38 children have enjoyed their summers on the shores of Clear Lake. They have learned to swim, sail, water ski, hike, and simply have fun in the outdoors with others their age.

    It has created a sense of belonging and family among Local 38’s children, who have learned the value of unionism, and that workers working together can provide the same opportunities as are available to the children of the wealthy.

    Campers are housed in open air cabins, which provide the outdoor experience with the added safety of cabin style protection from the elements. Facilities include a swimming pool, dock and boating facilities (sailing, power boating, canoeing and water skiing), a campfire area, a modern kitchen with a full time staff, and a health coordinator.


     Originally created for Local 38 families, in recent years Camp Konocti has opened its doors to all children. Local 38 Building Trades members, who work the required number of hours for a contributing employer are eligible to send their sons or daughters to a session of camp based upon their age, with no charge.

     Retired Local 38 members who wish to send their grandchildren to Camp Konocti will be charged $800 per child, members of other UA locals will be charged $1,250, and members of the general public will be charged $2,000 per camper for each two-week session.

    The rates were set by the Local 38 Trustees and are designed to offset the cost of lodging, activities, insurance and other expenses for the program. The Camp Konocti season is divided into four (4) two week sessions, with children of like ages grouped together.

     There is no transportation to or from Camp Konocti. Parents must drop their children at the camp on the day the session begins, and pick them up when the session ends. Camp Konocti is unable to accept any child who is not seven (7) years old on or before June 9, 2024. Parents may be asked for verification of their child’s age if questions arise.


     To register for Camp Konocti fill out the accompanying Registration Form and return it to the Camp Konocti Office, 1621 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94103. Registration forms are also available at the Local 38 website,

The dates for Summer 2024 are:

First Session (Ages 7 & 8): June 9 - June 22

Second Session (Ages 9 & 10): June 23 - July 6

Third Session (Ages 11 & 12): July 7 - July 20

Fourth Session (Ages 13 & 14): July 21 - August 3


    In addition the following forms MUST be submitted before your child can attend camp.

  • CONFIDENTIAL 2024 INFORMATION PACKET:  Please fill out these forms carefully and completely.  The information in this form will be of great assistance to the Camp Director and staff in getting to know and caring for your child. 
  • RECENT PICTURE OF CAMPER:  Please include a recent picture (no larger than 4x6) of your child. 
  • DOCTOR’S HEALTH CERTIFICATION LETTER:  Please have your family physician complete a well child letter with his/her signature and official stamp along with your child’s immunization record.

     Campers who do not receive health coverage through Local 38, must provide proof of eligibility in the form of copies of marriage licenses, dependent birth certificate, and/or recent 1040 tax forms. For the safety of all campers, no child will be allowed to attend camp without the completion of ALL required forms.

     All necessary forms, documentation and payments must be received at the Local 38 union office no later than two (2) weeks prior to the start of the camper’s session. No exceptions!
If you have questions regarding Camp Konocti you can call Local Union 38, at (415) 626-2000, and ask for Lisa. These calls are for information only! No registrations will be accepted over the telephone.

Click here for Camp Konocti Registration Form

Camp Konocti is a fully equipped summer camp providing for all the basic needs of its campers. There are shelters, a structured educational and recreational program, a well-trained, professional staff of counselors and managers, a variety of recreational equipment, and expertly prepared, nutritious meals and snacks.

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